Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yesterday we cycled over 10 kms, did two grocery hauls with the Xtracycle (market and grocery store), and stopped at a downtown festival. We cycled home in the rain but the bike has disc brakes and they worked great. I found balance a bit tricky under load, especially the first load because I wasn't overly careful about balancing it. I learned by the second time we went out, and did better bringing a LOT home: 4 litres white milk, 2 litres chocolate milk, 2 litres juice, a bag of sugar, frozen veggie burgers, some garden produce a friend gave me, and several other items. That is a lot to fit on a bicycle along with two kids! Couldn't believe I could get everything in. (Disclaimer: That's the heavy/bulky stuff. I swear I don't only buy junkfood, haha!) The first load included a big bag of flour, big bag of oats, bananas, a few other groceries and an umbrella stroller! Which from now on I know to remove from the bike BEFORE trying to get it on the elevator - oy!

Today we took the train to Toronto for Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington. The guy who organizes it, he owns a restaurant called La Pallette (spelling? I hope that is right), we met up with him while my 6 year old was admiring his rickshaw and he gave her a ride in it. Soon it became obvious he knew everyone on the street, and he told me he hates cars and is able to pick up everything he needs for his restaurant in his rickshaw. He said it weighs 400 lbs and can carry 1000 lbs of weight. Amazing!

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