Saturday, July 3, 2010

Well the trip out to Toys R Us was downright pleasant.

I made some newbie bus mistakes - mistimed on both ends and waited the full 15 minutes each way. Haha! But actually the waiting was alright, as the 2 year old was easily occupied by games on the way there, and was asleep on the way back so I read my new book.

I also accidentally got on a 'B' version of the bus I wanted, which made a funky turn about 3 (long) stops from my destination. But once I got off to walk, I came across the farmers' stand that I've seen a zillion times at an intersection too busy to stop near when I am driving. Got a huge load of strawberries for $6, tasted one and they are the sweetest I've found all year. So that was awesome.

Also just lots of human experiences that I miss in the car - a car full of tourists shouting at me about where is a downtown street, then yelling in gratitude as I waved them the right way. The trees along the street near my house smell nice, and the independent drug store has lots of natural supplements and vitamins. I never notice more than the sign when I'm driving by. In fact I am realizing right now that I've thought there are no pharmacies in my neighbourhood apart from one a few blocks over that always seems to be closed. This one is almost right behind my building, no more than half a block, and it has never occurred to me to go there. Wild.

I justified pizza for me and the babe (who refused it), since I was out so long on the transit ya know. But I would have justified Starbucks in the car so whatevs.

Bought 10 bus tickets for less than $20, and was able to use one ticket for there and back on my journey today. A big perk of our transit system is it allows you to use the transfer wherever, for stop overs and anything you want, as long as it is within 90 minutes of starting your journey. And many drivers cut them generously, so today my transfer was good for 2 hours.

2 year old has no appetite so not sure about the party tomorrow, but I'm feeling really good about the longer bus/walking trip if we go. Cool.

A downside of car-free travel: It's weirdly isolating going somewhere on the bus, when virtually everyone else drove. Weird crossing parking lots with the stroller, not heading to a car.

An upside: Exercise. This is huge! So much more exercise just taking public transit, and it's that good feeling exercise, just using the body to get around.

Total $ spent on transportation so far this month: $19 - I've used $1.90 of that so far. :)

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