Monday, July 5, 2010

Well the 2 year old woke up officially sick this morning, early, despite my confidence yesterday that she was over it. I hope she made no other toddlers sick at the party.

It is 35 degrees here, feels like 41, according to the weather network. Btw that and the sick babe, I am doing approximately nothing. 6 year old went swimming with her daddy at the local pool, and I went for a walk to get a few groceries and bland foods for the toddler. There is a (friendly, with a good selection, but high priced) grocery store, and a health food store, only a 10 minute walk from here. So we just went there with the stroller, which I probably would have done if I had the car anyway. I just moved to this neighbourhood in February and it is so convenient to be so close to amenities.

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