Friday, July 2, 2010

Today was interesting. I had some errands to do and did them by bike with my 2 year old while the 'big kid' was off with her dad. I had to go downtown to pick up protein powder and register for a swim pass at the local pool. Downtown is about a five minute bike ride - did this no problem. Except the actual swim pass had to be picked up at the pool, but the pool near our house was sold out. So I had to go pick up the pass at another pool, they said I could swing by anytime to get it.

No problem. This pool was nearish the grocery store I was going to anyway. Except it was kind of off the track and thru a hilly-ish area, which felt like a lot of work to get to without the car, since I'm so used to just hopping in and going.

Biked there from downtown with the babe, tho it was arduous *for me*, given that I'm a pretty slow biker and kinda out of shape. But I sucked it up, didn't put it off til tomorrow, didn't get the car. I went. Got there, and the pool was closed! Ahhhh. Nobody there at all. Which felt like such a big deal compared to how it would have felt had I driven there, and if I knew I could just drive back tomorrow. I feel like, I trekked all that way! For nothing! Crazy.

Doubled back to the grocery store, and found I can haul 100 dollars worth of groceries as well as a (somewhat squished) two year old in the bike trailer, no problem! And in even better news, from the grocery store to my house is almost all downhill on a soft decline. Which is perfect, because I can bike up with an unloaded trailer, and almost coast the whole way home with groceries. It is not hard at all.

When I say I 'trekked all the way out to' the pool, let me check the distance on google maps, it is probably embarrassingly small... okay yes, it was 4.4 km's from where I was downtown, and 1.8 km's from the grocery store I was going to anyway. So I went 1.8 km out of my way (and back!).

Yes, I'm lazy and not used to exerting physical energy to get around.

All told I biked 12.3 km today, according to google maps. That is a TON for me, wow. I find I can bike longer distances more enjoyably when I am not in a hurry. Hopefully I can get stronger while I'm on summer break and able to go at a super leisurely pace, and get more used to these distances.

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