Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today we are going to get a b-day present for one of my 2 year old's little friends, and tomorrow we are attending his birthday party - hopefully (2 year old was vomiting last night, tho seems fine today, this is assuming no further symptoms and that the little guy's mom is fine with us coming still).

I notice part of me is all resentful, like omg I have to go to the toy store now, this will be a chore without the car. The thing is our city is structured so all the big box stores are on the outskirts of the city. I try not to shop at them, but for something like this I have no creative alternate ideas? So we're heading to Toys R Us. Before I could get too far into the 'poor me' about it though, I looked at the bus schedule and realized that although the TRU feels like it's in the middle of nowhere (super carland with no sidewalks even), there is a bus that comes 10 minutes from here, runs every 15 minutes and goes straight there. Can I complain? No. Other than to say that only a few years ago there was a lovely toy store right in our neighbourhood, walking distance. But it's closed up and gone now, and I can't think of any independent toy stores in the city, nor any toy stores in the city centre at all.

The actual birthday party is at the north end of town, and it's going to be a hike. With the car we'd be there in 20-25 minutes, but on the bus it's going to take well over an hour and will involve 20-25 minutes of walking because there is no route that goes directly there on Sundays. Should be interesting. I feel like things like this are rare in my life, events at the edge of town, but I guess actually living it this month will tell me how accurate that is.

My kids are stoked about the party tho, it's one of my 2 year old's only little friends (they don't really have friends at this age), and the first time she has been invited to a birthday party! Hopefully she will be well and we will make it.

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