Friday, July 30, 2010

We rode in Critical Mass tonight! And it was so much fun. This is the first time we've ridden this year in it, and of course we took the Xtracycle. I was a bit nervous because everyone there is so much more of a hipster than I, and frankly I look like a dweeb trying to get on and off the bike, plus I don't ride fast. So we went, and starting off we were leaving a crowded park and I felt all shaky and worried. But the blockers encouraged me to go ahead of them, and soon we were riding confidently along the road. It was great. We took some main streets, dinged our bicycle bells, and yelled stuff like 'We like bikes!' and 'We're not causing the traffic, we are the traffic!' (The 'causing' bit is my Japanese friend's interpretation of the slogan, I think it's usually 'blocking.' Love that). The 6 year old was mesmerized by the guy who was awesome at curbhopping and getting good height while doing it, and the guy with no saddle who sat sideways on his bike for a bit. Cool tricks she is determined to try at some point (probably not soon, realistically, but hey who's gonna tell her that).

Awesomely, we did the whole ride, me and both kids and I just came home and plotted the ride up, the Critical Mass ride, and the ride home, on google maps. 13 km. Did not feel hard. Which is awesome because I've been wondering if I can commute to school. It is 4 km from my house to the 6 year old's school, and then 7 km from her school to the university - the first bit I would do with both kids, second bit with just the 2 year old.

I'm thinking I can totally do it. Just go slow and I can go really far.

And I need to start taking more pictures to post on this blog!!

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  1. You're amazing! That sounds like soo much fun. And yes, you need pics up here. :D