Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So, did I mention I spend an average of $400/month on my car? During the school year, that is. Maybe $300 during the summer. Totals:

Insurance - $105
Parking at home - $20
Parking at school - $50
Gas - $150-200 during the school year, probably $50-100 in summer
Repairs/license plate fee/the odd ticket - $100 month roughly

Oh that's actually well over $400/month during the school year. Wow.

I just spent a ton on my Xtracycle, so thus far I'm not exactly down for being carfree. Haha! But it's a one time expense and will pay for itself within a few months of being carfree. I have also insured it lest it be stolen, at a rate of $35/month. And I'm still paying $22 on my car policy (not sure what exactly that buys me, not even fire and theft I don't think). I get a free transit pass in September (should have one now but I lost it last fall and didn't care to replace it since I just drove everywhere).

I do notice I'm far more apt to shop at the expensive grocery store a block away, rather than take the 20ish minute bicycle ride to No Frills. So I'm up a bit on groceries, hard to account for how much, but definitely some.

I bought bus tickets at the beginning of the month for $19 and I still have several left! The beauty of biking/walking everywhere in the summer, most excellent.

We did also take the train to TO at a cost of $60 each (myself and my daughter's father).

So apart from the Xtracycle cost, and notwithstanding the lazy grocery habits, I'm paying $75 this month (tickets, car insurance, bicycle insurance) on transportation. Remarkably lower than the car.

And, at least right now, I really really don't miss it one bit. I haven't even looked at it all month. I really need to go start it, but I'm a procrastinator.

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