Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, so far so good. My own classes have not started, but both kids have started their respective schools/daycares. We biked up one day this week, and bussed twice because it looked like rain, and after being drenched last week I have rain-paranoia. We also don't have proper raingear for cycling and arriving dry yet. I should do something about that.

Cons first:

- Damn it's a long ride. Especially to M's school, it is a lot of gradual uphill which I find tiring. Feel like a superhero on the way back down though!

- We are more vulnerable to weather. This is probably a good thing, because it encourages me to dress them well as we leave the house. Both kids spend periods of time outside each day unless t he weather is truly inclement. In the car I would often arrive somewhere and not have the proper clothes for them, because I hadn't noticed how cold (or whatever) it was since we were driving.

- I can't meet M for lunch easily, though I wouldn't anyway as my classes this year are scheduled during her lunchtime. Can't come home during the day easily either, kind of committed to staying on campus until it's time to pick up both kids, or I would spend the whole day travelling. Which I did on M's first day, so I know this to be fact!


- It takes barely any more time to bus in the morning compared to driving. I leave my house at 8:30 rather than 8:40, and arrive on campus by 9:35 rather than 9:20. That is no big deal! On the way home it takes a little longer, have to leave campus with Z on the 2:30 bus to get to M on time (I think - there may be a later option but I haven't found it). We get home at 4:30 rather than 3:50, because the bus doesn't come right after her school lets out. This is fine mostly because she likes to stay and play anyway, but in winter this may be a PITA.

- I feel a LOT lighter not having the 'weight' of the car during the day, the responsibility or stress of it.

- I interact with people a lot more, and I am already noticing that drivers seem to experience people as a nuisance more than anything - both other drivers and cyclists/pedestrians. Out of the car there is a much more personal interaction, and people become human again rather than an object obstructing the way.

- The bus is relatively convenient and easy. The bike is fun!!! Both are physical - the bike much moreso, obviously, but even riding the bus requires actually moving - walking, running sometimes, hefting the stroller, balancing myself and the stroller while standing during the ride. In the car I sit like a log.

- Much more interaction with my children when both bussing and bicycling than while driving.

I can't wait to bicycle up to campus when classes start next week, and park my awesome Xtracycle at the bike rack rather than driving my piece of crap car into the parking lot. I will swagger, I will!

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