Friday, August 6, 2010

I did the commute to my school today. Did it straight from my house, though usually I will detour to take M, my 6 year old to school first. I did it there and back though with a stop on another part of campus, so figured that was enough.

It is long. 6km one way, which takes me 45 mins or more, sadly enough. I am not fast. There is at least one hill each way that I must walk, I can't bike up them. The commute is very, very pleasant, mostly bike trails, very safe, relaxing, lots of beauty, and Z, the two year old, stays content on the bicycle the whole way (both ways today, including detours) and chats to me about the flowers and everything she sees. She says, 'Let's go fast, Mom! Great idea!' On campus there are lots of bicycle lanes and it is lovely to ride through. I know I *can* do it now, and enjoy it. Question is will I, day in, day out? I guess I will have to see.

Today was about exploring route possibilities. I need to go again and just go from point A to point B (well, should do points A, B, and C - from home to M's school to my school), because that is the reality of what I will be riding. And I should time it.

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