Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahhh awesome bike tricks:


  1. Hey, I found a bike that's very much "me."

    I love that it's from a website designated to living accomodations for teh fatties. Note it's first selling point: 550-lb. stationary weight capacity!

  2. Ha! That bike looks awesomely unique.

    Tho if you are seriously choosing it for being able to hold teh chubbies, my ex housemate is super chunky and she rides nice old school steel bikes, no probs. I've never had a problem with weight capacity on a bike, tho come to think of it especially when I was at my chubbiest, she used to set me up with bicycles and some she said 'don't do it.' Hmm. I think aluminum is weak, man.

    Do you have a bike? I can totally see the appeal of three wheels for carrying kiddos.

  3. Well that one is pretty far out of my price range. I like the idea of sitting upright and not bending over the handlebars, yk? Ideally I'd find something that took the pressure off my vag. I hope your parents aren't reading this.

  4. Ha! Nope, my parents afaik are not reading this.

    If you get swept back handlebars or cruiser handlebars that helps you sit upright. Also a wider seat, and I think it might be angled a bit differently, but these are adjustments you can make on your own. My bike is a mountain bike frame but I have a wide seat and cruiser style bars, so I sit upright.

    I am in love with the European bicycles, speaking of sitting upright. If you go to Curbside Cycles site ( and look at Batavus and Pashley, oh wow. I love the looks of those bicycles, I frequently drool over them.